Science Art Academy


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The Cortada Science Art Academy at Pinecrest Gardens teaches students ages 9 to 12 how to think, imagine, and problem-solve while caring for the environment. Developed by Xavier Cortada, renowned eco-artist and Pinecrest Gardens’ Artist-in-Residence, this immersive, outdoor after-school program aims to develop engaged citizens who use art and science to better understand our world, connect with others, and address environmental concerns. Students dive deep into Cortada’s science art practice to discover how they can use the power of art to spur social and environmental action. Through engaged studio sessions and presentations at Pinecrest Gardens’ Hammock Pavilion, students will learn how to use creativity and leadership to help conserve Florida’s ecosystems, defend global biodiversity, and advance the work of climate scientists at the Earth’s poles.

Semester Schedule
8-week semesters throughout academic year, beginning September, 2023

Days/Times: Mondays and Thursdays from 3:45 to 5:45 PM

Session 1: September 7, 2023 to October 13, 2023 (prorated)
Session 2: October 16 to December 15, 2023
Session 3: January 8 to March 1, 2024
Session 4: March 4 to May 2, 2024


Defend Biodiversity Using Science Art: In a journey through the Earth’s past, present, and future, students discover their interconnectedness with all life on the planet and the role that they can play in either defending or destroying it. Throughout this module students will learn how science allows us to understand the natural world, why the climate is rapidly changing, and how Cortada uses art to inspire action.

Conserve Florida's Fragile Ecosystems: Exploring the importance of Florida’s ecosystems, from coral reefs and the Everglades to mangrove forests and wildflower meadows, students use art and science to engage in conservation. In this module students learn from Cortada’s eco-art practice to understand and express complex ideas, develop essential leadership skills, and foster hope in the fight to protect our local environment.

Discover the North & South Poles:  Cortada created art at the North and South Poles to address environmental issues at every point in between. During this module, students travel to the ends of the Earth to learn about the melting Arctic and Antarctic, the perseverance of its explorers and scientists, and the power of art to reframe our thinking. Using Cortada’s polar art, participants will better understand global climate change, practice empathy, and problem-solve for a future with rising seas.