Horticultural History


Pinecrest Gardens, formerly Parrot Jungle, is a 14-acre botanical garden located in the Village of Pinecrest, Florida. Parrot Jungle, founded in 1936 by Franz and Louise Scherr, grew to become a world-famous tourist attraction, one of the first in south Florida. The inspiration for Parrot Jungle began after Scherr became intrigued with the idea of building an attraction where birds would “fly free.”

The Village of Pinecrest purchased the property after Parrot Jungle vacated the site in 2002, and dedicated Pinecrest Gardens in 2003. Village leadership, intent on preserving the site, affirmed the historic nature of its gardens, plants, structures, and hardscapes. The National Register of Historic Places recognized Pinecrest Gardens for its significance in 2011. At that time, the Village of Pinecrest removed Pinecrest Gardens from its municipal park system to develop a special identity as a botanical garden. The Gardens’ history, period architecture, landscaped areas, aquatic features, theme gardens, natural habitats and open vistas contribute to Pinecrest Gardens’ unique appearance.