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Have you ever seen swans swimming on a still, crystal lake? Pet a miniature donkey? Attended a concert by a Grammy Award winning jazz musician? Heard of a sausage tree? Walked through a field of light? Listened to an artist talk about our fragile climate? Or wanted to learn how to make a Bonsai? Come experience Pinecrest Gardens where you will have similar experiences and so many more during your visit!

Pinecrest Gardens is a lush, botanical garden located in and managed by the Village of Pinecrest dating back to 1936. It is a 14-acre, historic property that originally housed Parrot Jungle, one of the Miami area’s earliest tourist attractions. Among the highlights of Pinecrest Gardens are the numerous cultural events, concerts, art exhibitions, and family-friendly activities. Seasonal celebrations, holiday festivals, and outdoor evenings add to the charm and appeal for locals and tourists alike. A petting zoo offers an opportunity for children and families to interact with various domestic animals. The garden also features playgrounds, a splash zone play area, picnic areas, and open spaces for leisure activities and gatherings.

Owing to its historical significance, natural beauty, and extensive public programming, Pinecrest Gardens is one of the most significant cultural assets in South Florida. It is a beacon for the residents of the small Pinecrest community in which it is situated and serves as a model of excellence in civic engagement and community history for surrounding communities. Significantly, the citizens of Pinecrest celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and civic pride, history, and community through its ongoing support for the preservation and cultivation of Pinecrest Gardens.