Rental Requirements & Rules

The following Rules and Regulations govern all Permits, unless the Rule or Regulation is specifically waived for your activity, by Pinecrest Gardens.

Rental Reservation: Rental reservations may be made for any period that the facility is available but not more than one year in advance.  Full payment is due upon confirmation of your event date and permit.  This includes rental fee, tax and security deposit.

Special Event Permit: All use of Pinecrest Gardens facilities must be by permit approved by the Pinecrest Gardens Events & Programming Department.

*The Permittee shall observe, obey and comply with all “Pinecrest Gardens Rules and Regulations” and all applicable Village, County, State, and Federal Laws, Rules and Regulations and any specifications use regulations. The Permittee will be held responsible for the conduct of the entire group they are hosting during the event rental. It shall be the right of the Pinecrest Gardens management, or designated representative (gardens staff), to expel from the gardens premise, any person(s) violating the established Rules and Regulations or, in the opinion of the Manager, or his/her designated representative, constituting a public nuisance.

*The Events & Programming Department may approve or reject any Permit application with or without cause. Permits cannot be transferred, assigned, or sublet.

Event Staff: The Permittee is responsible for providing all personnel required to perform the approved activity. Placement, relocation, rearrangement, or removal of the Permittee’s property, owned or hired, may only be done in such a manner as approved by the Pinecrest Garden’s Staff. Pinecrest Gardens staff is not responsible for executing private event rentals.

Security Damage Deposit: When vacated, facility shall be returned back in same condition as received. Security deposit will be forfeited for any damage, vandalism, missing equipment, failures to clean up after use of the facility, or failure to comply with rules and regulations including the scheduled time frame of the event.  Exceeding the time outlined in the rental contract will result in additional per hour charge(s) that will be deducted from the rental security deposit. Permittee is required to clean-up event areas and equipment at the close of each activity in such a manner that they can be used without additional clean-up by Gardens Staff.

*Security Deposit refunds will be processed 7 to 10 business days after your event. Credit card payments will be refunded back to the credit card. Cash and check payments will be refunded within 3 weeks after the event takes place or cancellation is processed.

Rentals Changes: The rental Permittee is responsible for all of the information stated on the event permit. Change requests must be submitted in writing to the Events & Programming Department.

Day of Event: Event Rental host must present a rental confirmation receipt to Pinecrest Gardens staff on day of rental event. Guests will check in at admissions booth and staff will send them to the appropriate designated event area.

Cancellation Policy: Refunds are not made unless written cancellation notice is received at least thirty (30) days in advance. All cancellations under thirty (30) days are subject to a penalty of 100% the rental fee + tax.


Rental Rules & Regulations - Insurance Requirement

Insurance Requirement: Permittee assumes all risk in use of the venue rental site and shall be solely responsible and answerable for damages, for all accidents and injury to person(s) or property and and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Pinecrest Gardens, the Village of Pinecrest and their officers and employees, from any and all claims, suits, losses, damage or injury to person(s) or property.

The Permittee shall procure the required insurance coverage for the duration of the rental permit. A Certificate of Insurance (COI), must be provided to the Events & Programming Department 21 days prior to the event with evidencing the following insurance coverage’s:

1) Public Liability on a comprehensive basis, products and completed operation (if applicable) in an amount not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence combined single limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage. Policy shall be endorsed to show the Village of Pinecrest/Pinecrest Gardens as an additional insured, and that no modification, change or cancellation of insurance will be made without 30 days written notice to the certificate holder.

2) Automobile Liability Insurance for all owned, non-owned, and hired vehicles used in connection with the permit in an amount not less than $1,000,000 combined single limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage. If State Law requires a higher minimum limit of liability because of the type of operation covered by this permit, then Permittee shall be required to maintain insurance in compliance with State Law. The Village of Pinecrest’s Risk Management Division reserves the right to amend these insurance requirements if it is in the best interest of the Village to do so.


Rental Rules & Regulations - Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic Beverages: The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited unless proof of liability insurance is turned in to administrative office no later than 2 weeks before event. Renters are not allowed to bring any kind of alcoholic beverages when renting any of the Picnic Areas in the Upper Garden Area.

Rental Rules & Regulations - Furniture & Equipment

Removal or Relocation of Furnishings: Relocation or rearrangement of Pinecrest Gardens property will not be permitted unless specifically authorized by the Gardens staff. Permittee shall return all Pinecrest Gardens materials and/or equipment to their designated location within the prescribed time limit.


Rental Rules & Regulations - Decor & Advertising

Decorations & Advertising: No decoration or form of advertising will be permitted unless specifically approved by the Pinecrest Gardens Staff.

*All printed promotional materials for events; including programs, posters and other promotional wording must be submitted to Pinecrest Gardens Administrative Office for approval at least one month prior the event. The Gardens must not be cited as a sponsor or host of the event unless authorized by the Executive Director in writing. Copies of all event materials must be given to the Events & Programs Coordinator.


Rental Rules & Regulations - Gambling

Gambling: Gambling, in any form, is prohibited. Music in any form must comply with the Pinecrest Gardens code. Any music or noise audible from outside the garden’s property is prohibited.

Rental Rules & Regulations - Splash 'N Play

Splash 'N Play: Splash ‘N Play has a maximum capacity of 74 kids and it is shared with park visitors, camps and field trips. There could be occasions when Pinecrest Gardens staff requests rotation of Splash usage by your guests or the duration the duration of the time they can use the facility.



Rental Rules & Regulations - Addendum

The following rules and regulations are in addition to Pinecrest Gardens Rules and Regulations and govern all permits.

  • Exclusivity: The Renter may not have exclusive access to the Gardens facilities including rights to reserved parking. The area(s) specified in the permit(s) are the only areas of exclusivity to the renter.

  • Rental Timeframes Vary: Picnic Table rentals are for a total 3-hours, including set up and breakdown.  Events scheduled at Patio, Lakeview Terrace & Pergola, Meadow, Hibiscus Gallery, Historic Entrance, Cypress Hall and Inspiration Center are for a total of 4-hours plus one (1) hour for load-in and set up and one (1) hour for breakdown and load-out.  Availability permitting, additional rental hours may be added for an additional cost.

  • Pinecrest Gardens reserves the right to move an event to another area due to safety issues and or technical difficulties.

  • Setting up outside the areas specified on your contract is not permitted.

  • The Gardens shall not be held liable for unforeseen closing, of the Splash N Play area, Mini Zoo or Playground due to safety reasons, weather or mechanical failure.

  • If amplification of sound is approved with your permit, it may be used for entertainment or exhibitions and shall be audible ONLY within the area of the permitted activity. All amplification must be used in conjunction with the pre-wired system in place at the Gardens and kept at the level dictated by Pinecrest Gardens Staff. Failure to adhere to the noise ordinance guidelines will result in amplification equipment being turned off for the remainder of the event.

  • Maximum attendance capacities will be strictly enforced in all rental venues.

  • The removal of artwork from walls in the Hibiscus Gallery, Cypress Hall and Inspiration Center is strictly prohibited.

  • Smoking is prohibited inside Pinecrest Gardens. Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs are prohibited.

  • Sports equipment are NOT allowed in Pinecrest Gardens (i.e. balls, skates, bikes, scooters, etc.).

  • Balloons, including helium balloons, are NOT allowed in Pinecrest Gardens.

  • Decorations such as banners and streamers may be used if attached to moveable structures brought in by the renter (i.e. tents, tables, etc.) but cannot be adhered to any garden structure.

  • Inflatables and mechanicals are allowed only when renting the Meadow, supplier must provide own generators and liability insurance.

  • Cotton candy, popcorn and snow cone machines are permitted, vendors must provide liability insurance.

  • Water features, cooking on site, grilling and open flames such as tiki torches and bar-b-que’s, are NOT allowed.

  • Absolutely no confetti, glitter, silly string, bubbles or dry rice. Bird seed and natural loose petals are allowed.

  • Animal shows are not permitted in Pinecrest Gardens to ensure the safety of the animals in the Mini Zoo.

  • Styrofoam containers, cups, plates and plastic straws are not permitted in Pinecrest Gardens.



Rental Rules & Regulations - Inclement Weather

Pinecrest Gardens Rules and Regulations Inclement Weather Policy

  • The permittee should establish a back-up plan in case of inclement weather. At no time shall Pinecrest Gardens be responsible or liable for inclement or bad weather that may in any way affect the Permittee’s event at the garden.

  • Upon issuance of a Tropical Storm and/or Hurricane Watch or Warning for Miami-Dade County, Pinecrest Gardens closes to the public and prepares for the approaching storm. Events scheduled during a Storm Watch or Warning issued for Miami-Dade County will be cancelled. The permittee may select an alternate available date on which to hold their event at the Garden. If the permittee chooses to fully cancel their e v e n t   due to its closing by a Storm Watch or Warning, a refund of monies paid to the permittee will be granted upon written notification or cancellation by permittee to the Garden.

  • Pinecrest Gardens and the Village of  Pinecrest shall in no way be held responsible for any costs (rentals, catering, etc.) resulting from a closure due to inclement weather, including a Storm Watch or Warning.

Following severe weather or heavy rains, the Gardens may close or restrict the use of  outdoor facilities. As a  safety precaution, all activities must cease upon the first sound of thunder or sign of lightening. Activities may  be  resumed  only  after  the  thunder  has stopped or after a 30 minute delay beyond the last sign of lightning.  No refunds are given due to inclement weather.