Support Groups

Pinecrest Gardens education and cultural arts programming is funded through the generosity of private donations, support group funds, foundations, and competitive grants awarded from cultural arts divisions of the State and County, and our local Village government. Donor support groups, corporate sponsors and this collection of donors and funders help to maintain and renovate our physical premises, support the study of the diverse plant collection and continue efforts for conservation, educational and diverse range of high quality performing and visual arts programs and community festivals presented each season.

Friends of Pinecrest Gardens
Founded in 2020, Friends of Pinecrest Gardens is the official 501(c)3 dedicated to raising funds and awareness to support horticultural research, education offerings, historic preservation, and cultural programming. Its mission is to support, advance and help develop cultural and environmental projects, programs, and other initiatives at Pinecrest Gardens, and to provide a mechanism for private contributions, grants, and funding. With performing arts, fine art, eco-art and environmental education at its core, it will help to grow audiences with a focus on diversity, inclusivity and affordability. 

To learn more about Pinecrest Gardens support groups, contact Cristina Blanco, Executive Director.


Domiciled Support Groups
Pinecrest Gardens has two domiciled groups who support the garden financially and through volunteerism through their respective missions. These wonderful organizations are the guardian angels who continue to make Pinecrest Gardens one of the most enchanting botanical gardens in the world, and the most beloved family destination for recreational nature appreciation and educational activities.