Girl Scout Programs

Boys and Girls can participate in Scout Programs at Pinecrest Gardens.

Boy Scouts are encouraged to get in touch with us to identify potential volunteer opportunities for community service and Eagle Scout projects.  

Girl Scouts can complete requirements to earn badges at Pinecrest Gardens. Pinecrest Gardens offers “Badge Days” for Girl Scouts who are working to earn their badges. These programs are designed to accommodate up to 30 scouts on a scheduled date.

Troops can book badge days in the following categories:

  • Daisy: Outdoor Art Maker or Eco Learner

  • Brownie: Outdoor Art Creator or Eco Friend

  • Junior: Outdoor Art Explorer

  • Cadette: Outdoor Art Apprentice

Girl Scouts


We are proud to announce that the Outdoor Art Badges and Eco Learner Badges are being offered exclusively at Pinecrest Gardens. Guided Badge Days are 2 hours, featuring a unique opportunity for girl scouts to embark on a guided exploration through nature, while learning about the wonders of the natural world. Girl scouts will check off the requirements for the badge, and receive their badge following completion of activities.

Pre-Registration Required:
Included in badge day reservation, are access to the Garden’s amenities of zoo, Splash 'N Play, playground, and botanical gardens, and reserved area for picnic. The minimum requirement for a badge day is 10 participants. The maximum capacity is 30.


To schedule your Scout experience, contact Lacey Bray, Education Programs Coordinator.