Legacy Gardens

Legacy Garden Carribbean.jpeg

Pinecrest Gardens features rare, exotic, and native tropical plants, sinuous rock formations, and water features. The site includes a tropical native hardwood hammock and Baldcypress slough, dry succulent gardens, palms, orchids, and diverse specimen plantings in a unique historic landscape and urban oasis.

Remnants of the original Snapper Creek wind through a series of small ponds in the lower gardens. The braided channel features the sculpted rock formations shaped by rain and flowing water through the last section of the Creek that has not been altered by development.  A large, 30,000 year old solution hole is a notable feature of aquatic habitat that supports colorful crabs, prawns, fish, turtles, and other fauna that have become scarce in urbanized Miami.

The remnant old-growth bald cypress slough includes a diversity of ferns and other native plants. The trunks of tress toppled by previous hurricanes provide a good growing surface for orchids and other epiphytes.  Natural materials such as porous limestone were used extensively throughout the Gardens’ facilities and structures.

Several garden areas include walkways that contain mosaics made from broken or cut brick.  These mosaics are original to the days of the Parrot Jungle.  Additionally, a variety of fine art can be found throughout the landscape.  Many of these pieces have been added since the Gardens inception in 2003.

Tropical Hardwood Hammock

Bald Cypress Slough

Snapper Creek