The Garden Club

The Pinecrest Garden Club


The Pinecrest Garden Club was founded February 25, 2003 at Pinecrest Gardens with 27 founding members, including Co-Presidents Germaine Butler and Sharon Trbovich. The club was founded to fill a need for a garden club in the area and to bring attention to Pinecrest Gardens, the former Parrot Jungle. Most of the original members were residents of Pinecrest and surrounding communities. In November 2017, the Tropical Punch Fundraiser broke club records, raising a record $10,000 for the new Sensory and Learning Garden at Pinecrest Gardens. The following November, the inaugural SIP, a social event held in the Cypress Hall, took place. As of this writing, membership is strong, vital and the Pinecrest Garden Club continues to thrive, holding fast to its mission of excellence in horticulture, concern for the environment and fellowship among gardeners.