Cypress Café

image of cafe dining area Fully renovated in 2018, Cypress Hall, which houses Cypress Café is the perfect place to wind down and enjoy a cup of coffee in the tranquil surroundings of Pinecrest Gardens.

It has long been known that beautiful plants, greenery, and fine art have a positive impact on your state of mind. Be it quiet worktime, stress reduction, visual stimulation, relaxation, or general well-being, when you are surrounded by botanical beauty and fine art you are bound to experience heighted feelings of enjoyment, pleasure, and peaceful tranquility. To create a serene, yet inspiring space that brings together our dreamlike garden together with a great cup of coffee,

Cypress Café has been reimagined to offer you a coffee bar featuring Per’La, the best of the best roasted coffee in South Florida served in the most beautiful atmosphere imaginable.