Picnic Tables



Premium Lower Picnic Tables / Includes 5 Tables 

The Lakeview Terrace, Pergola, Patio, and Upper Picnic Tables will undergo a historic renovation project from August 2024 through the Fall of 2025.

Rules/Regulations for Use:

  • Picnic table rentals are prohibited from bringing any alcoholic beverages, guests who bring beverages containing alcohol will be asked to leave. Alcoholic beverages of any kind are not allowed in any of the Picnic Tables and the Playground areas. 
  • We do not provide storage for any kind for food. Event host is responsible for maintaining the food temperature needed. Coolers are permitted for storing food however We Do Not provide ice, nor store any items for renters or their guests.
  • Decorations such as banners and streamers may be used if attached to moveable structures brought in by the renter (i.e. tents, tables, etc.) but cannot be adhered to any park structure. No structures can block any public pathways. Decorating outside of your venue specified area is prohibited. Water features, cooking on site, grilling, and open flames, such as tiki torches and bar-b-que's, are prohibited. All foods must be cooked prior to arriving on grounds.  
  • Gambling, in any form, is prohibited. Playing any music is prohibited for the picnic table rentals.
  • The Renter is responsible for full payment upon reservation. This includes a rental fee, tax, and damage deposit.
  • Set up and breakdown times are included in the standard 3-hour picnic table rentals, one hour for set-up, one hour for breakdown, as part of the 3-hour reservation.  
  • Smoking is prohibited inside Pinecrest Gardens. Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs are not permitted.

  • Balloons, including helium balloons, and or any inflatables, confetti, glitter, silly string, bubbles or dry rice are prohibited.
  • Animal shows of any kind, is prohibited. At this moment we are not providing interactions with our animals.
  • Music and any entertainment such as Clowns, face painters & special characters are NOT allowed. Cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs, snow cones machines, or any other type of machine are not permitted for any picnic table rentals. 
  • Styrofoam containers, cups, plates and plastic straws are Not permitted.  
  • The Gardens shall not be held liable for unforeseen closing of the Splash 'N Play area, mini zoo, or playground due to safety reasons, weather, or mechanical failures. Splash 'N Play has a maximum capacity of 74 persons and is shared with Garden visitors, camps, and field trips. There could be occasions when Pinecrest Gardens staff requests rotation of splash usage by your guests or the durations they can use the facility. Pinecrest Gardens reserves the right to move an event to another area due to safety issues or technical difficulties.
  • The permittee should establish a backup plan in case of inclement weather. At no time shall Pinecrest Garden be responsible or liable for inclement or bad weather that may affect the permittee's event at the garden. Upon issuance of Tropical storm and or Hurricane Watch or Warning for Miami-Dade County, Pinecrest Gardens closes to the public and prepares for the approaching storm. Events scheduled during a Storm Watch or Warning issues for Miami-Dade County will be canceled. The permittee may select an alternate date to hold their event at the Gardens. If the permittee chooses to fully cancel their event due to it's closing by a Storm Watch or Warning, a refund of monies paid to the permittee will be granted upon written notification or cancelation by the permittee to the Garden. Pinecrest Gardens and the Village of Pinecrest shall not be held responsible for any costs (rentals, catering, etc.) resulting from a closure due to inclement weather, including a Storm Watch or Warning.
  • Pinecrest Gardens is not responsible for any items or equipment brought to and left on property. 


Cancellation policy: Refunds are not made unless a written cancellation notice is received at least thirty (30) days in advance for the Picnic Tables rentals. All cancellations under thirty (30) days, are subject to a penalty of 100% of the rental fee + tax.