“Florida is Nature….” is an evolving body of work by Xavier Cortada that depicts the natural beauty of Florida.  Based at Pinecrest Gardens, the art project challenges us to define Florida by its actual nature, rather than seeing it through the things we do and build that displace it. Cortada and Pinecrest Gardens invite visitors to walk the garden and photograph or draw images they would like to share on project’s online platform at www.floridaisnature.com.  Participants’ images and perspectives will be shared on our website and social media (@floridaisnature), furthering our mission to inspire people to care and protect our environment.

Cortada’s Florida is Nature series is on permanent exhibit at “The FIN” the Florida is Nature gallery at Pinecrest Gardens.  “The FIN Exhibit” in the Hibiscus Gallery also presents temporary exhibits of the Pinecrest Gardens artist-in-residence and of other environmentally focused artists.  Each exhibit features programming to engage audiences, including monthly artist talks, workshops and/or panel discussions. For more information on “The FIN,” please see the Arts and Culture page of our website.