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Welcome to THE SHE JAZZ PROJECT where

What is the She Jazz Project?

The She Jazz Project is a South Florida-wide, all-female jazz honors ensemble where up to 35 young jazz musicians, ages 14-20, will study and perform, side-by-side, with renowned female mentor artists. The goal:  Create a platform to encourage local, young women to pursue meaningful careers in jazz. 

This unique mentorship program, commencing in October of 2020, will begin with an audition application process on May 18, 2020. The program itself will be weekly, beginning in October (dates TBD), for four hours every Saturday (vacation weeks excluded) and culminate at the end of the school year in May 2021.  This program will be FREE to everyone accepted and will include bus transportation to the mentoring sessions at Pinecrest Gardens (if needed; to be provided from different location pick up points). 

Who will be the lead mentor in the She Jazz Project?

As the 2020-21 academic year commences, the She Jazz Project will bring 3-time Grammy Award-winning jazz drummer, composer, producer, and educator Terri Lyne Carrington to spearhead the project as Artistic Director.  Joining Terri in this initiative, the Program Director designing the curriculum and mentoring each week will be internationally recognized jazz vocalist and Chair of Jazz Vocal Studies at FIU, Lisanne Lyons.

Where will the She Jazz Project Activities Take Place?

Most project activity will take place at Pinecrest Gardens; in the 530-seat Banyan Bowl and surrounding buildings. Additional community performances will take place in smaller venues, both traditional and alternative.

What Are the Primary Activities of the She Jazz Project?


·       Development of broad guideline curriculum that commences in October 2020

·       Weekly coaching, rehearsals: full, sectionals, ensembles

·       4 visits per year by Terri Lyne Carrington

·       Formation of several small performance ensembles and an all-female big band if enough young ladies are accepted to participate in the program

·       Compose/premiere new works with ensembles is one of our objectives

·       2-3 performances per year at Pinecrest Gardens (COVID-19 county/state guidelines permitting)

·       Quarterly performance in smaller, community settings (COVID-19 guidelines permitting)

·       Annual studio recording (minimum, single record; potential multiple records)

·       Partnership/potential for exchange activities with Berklee Global Jazz Institute students

·       Lectures/demos/coaching/performances by visiting female mentor artists to the South Motors Jazz    Series

·       Assistance with scholarship research/cultivation among involved institutions and future partners 

How We Will Measure Our Success?

Researchers have found that access to mentors and role models is a strong predictor of success for young people across careers. In a study of 628 college music students, educator Kathleen McKeage found that while women represented 56% of all music students, only 28% played jazz instruments. The She Jazz Project intends to disrupt this male-dominant trend.  

Why Pinecrest Gardens?

At Pinecrest Gardens, jazz programming is the centerpiece of performing arts activity. The celebrated 7-part series Jazz at Pinecrest Gardens celebrates its 11th anniversary in the 2020-2021 season (COVID-19 guidelines permitting).  Now, it is the desire of the Village of Pinecrest’s leadership and Pinecrest Gardens staff to launch a jazz mentorship program to aid local female jazz musicians as they grow as performers. The She Jazz Project is the evolution of Gen-Next Jam and jazz programming at Pinecrest Gardens.

Audition Requirement

For audition requirement and details, click HERE

·       Applications for the She Jazz project will be available May 18th.  The application is online at and must be completed electronically. 

·       The application must be accompanied by a link to the student’s audition that will have been uploaded to a social media platform including YouTube or Facebook. 

·       There are strict audition guidelines that must be adhered to.  

·       If any of you are interested in seeing the audition guidelines in advance of being posted online, please send a request to 

·       Application will be due by the August 25, 2020 when the jury process will begin.



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