Little Lizards

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Join us every Friday Afternoon at the picnic areas near the playground for our Little Lizards Program. This drop-in, informal program will feature new activities every week relating to a monthly theme. Lizards will read, explore, create, and imagine while learning about the wonders of nature. No prior registration necessary. Weather permitting.

Date: Friday Afternoons
Time: 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Price: Free with $5.00 Park Admission
Ages: 3 to 10

October: Butterflies – There is much to learn about these flying jewels! Did you know that female butterflies can lay up to 100 eggs? That’s a lot of baby caterpillars! In October we will learn about the butterfly lifecycle, look for caterpillars in the garden and learn of ways to help these beautiful pollinators. 

November: Garden Edibles/Harvest - The fall is the perfect time to learn about edible gardening in Florida. Join us in November as we start planting veggie beds for the season. Take home your very own vegetable seedling and taste what we have growing in the garden after learning about the plant parts we love to eat! 

Nature Build- This month, we’re branching out! Join us in celebrating our newest addition to the Garden: Stickwork by Patrick Dougherty!  In December, we will learn about the building blocks of nature by building a giant bird’s nest, looking for gnome homes and much more.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- The 3 R’s are the very basis of life in a garden! Join us as we learn about the earth’s oldest principals, and make some recycled art to take home. Take home a “recycled” plant, and learn about how we’re not the only ones following the R’s!

February: Seeds
 - Seeds come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Some seeds are as small as a speck of dust, and others are as big as a basketball. Join us in February as we learn how seeds form, travel, and grow. 

March: Flowers
 - Did you know that some flowers are edible, or that some will only bloom at night? Flowers are more than just a pretty face. In March we will become experts on one of nature’s most delightful gifts. 

April: Bees - Join us as we learn about the world's most important pollinator! Did you know that some hives have over 40,000 bees living together, or that they are the only animal on Earth able to produce honey? Find out what the buzz is all about this month. 

May: Solar Science - The sun is a big ball of energy that all plants and animals need for survival. Join us as we uncover the mystery of energy on our planet. Make your very own solar powered oven, plant a flower that looks like a sun and more! 

June: Art Naturally - Connect with nature in the most creative way! This month we will experiment with natural paints, make nature puppets and explore the many ways that science and art are related through nature. Bring your imagination for an artistic journey through the Garden in April! 

July: Wild Weather- its storm season! August is a perfect time of the year to learn about weather patterns, identify cloud formations and understand how weather impacts our surroundings. Create a windmill, make a water cycle bracelet, sail a twig boat and much more! 

August- Trees They are all around us, but do we really know what makes trees so important to our planet? December is the month to learn all about these gracious giants! Some of the trees in Pinecrest Gardens are over 100 years old, and some over 80 feet tall! Hang a wish on our wishing tree and take home a seedling, and much more. 

September: Cool Creatures - It’s going to be wild! This month we will explore animal tracks, build bird nests and look for critters in the garden! Dance like a honey bee and squawk like and dig like an earth worm this month. You will learn all about the creatures in the garden and take home a wildlife friendly plant!