kids participatory art 

What is Florida is Nature?

The project, created by artist in residence, Xavier Cortada, asks Floridians to define their state by its natural environment, not by the edifices and man-made encroachments that displace nature. Florida is Nature is an ongoing participatory art project encouraging people to care for Florida’s ecosystems though artistic inspiration.

How to participate?

It’s simple… Stop in the gallery, collect your materials, go for a walk and enjoy nature, return your artwork on the way out!

In the gallery, you will notice the FL is Nature participant’s gallery, equipped with materials to create and submit your artwork. Take the materials with you on your walk through the gardens, and as you are inspired by the nature that surrounds you, draw, sketch, photograph, create. On your way out of the garden, drop your artwork in the FIN participant’s gallery inbox and your work will be featured in the Hibiscus Gallery, online gallery, and social media.

Why participate?

Help make a difference. Inspire others to understand and appreciate natural beauty through the curiosity of art. By sharing your experience, you will encourage others to take part in observing and caring for our environment.

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