Horticulture & Conservation Workshops

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Exotic plants grow easily in South Florida, but local gardening presents its own unique set of challenges. Pinecrest Gardens is committed to providing support to the community with gardening tips from the experts. Lectures and workshops offer information on how to keep landscapes healthy and vibrant.

Horticulture Workshops

All workshops are open to the public. The workshop series format: four basic topics, with 3 workshops devoted to the finer points of each topic. Each topic is season-specific, such that attendees can implement the skills immediately.

Time:          10:30 a.m.

Location:    Hibiscus Room (Unless Otherwise Specified) 

Fee:             Please see individual class listing.

Limit 12 people per workshop so register & pay early by contacting 305.669.6990.

Date Workshop

Please Note: Students must take courses in sequence.
Only Basics of Bonsai has no course prerequisite.  It’s highly recommended that students sign up for all three courses. All bonsai courses are hands-on with intensive instructor interaction.
Register for all three for $75!

8/10/2017 Basics of Bonsai: Join us at Pinecrest Gardens for this introduction to bonsai. Taught by bonsai expert Glenn Hilton, students will learn the necessary basics of this limitless horticultural art. Young plants, pots, and materials will be provided.
Fee: $30
9/14/2017 Bonsai Growth and Shaping: Students enrolled in the second class of the series will gain further experience in what makes a bonsai a bonsai! Hands-on instructor assistance will help students shape and develop their bonsai. Learn tips and tricks to keep your bonsai healthy and beautiful.
Fee: $30
10/12/2017 Bonsai Troubleshooting: In the third class of the series, students will discover common diseases, pests and other nuisances that effect bonsai. The instructor will provide support and experienced diagnosis of all things bonsai. Students will conclude the class series with confidence and well-rounded basic bonsai skills.  Fee: $30
 11/9/2017 Vegetable Gardening 101: Grow time is upon us! We can’t wait to get our veggies planted. This class will cover how to get your beds ready for growing season, how to plan your garden, and seed starting basics. Take home your first edible plant of the season! 

Fee: $10

12/14/2017 Troubleshooting Edibles: The second class of this series will consider some of the pests and problems your vegetables might be facing. We will discuss disease resistant seeds, how to manage  pests, and much more! 

Fee: $10


Warm-Season and Tropical Edibles: This class will focus  on continuation of growing as the seasons change into Spring and Summer. Learn how to keep your harvest bountiful by extending the variety of vegetables to grow in your garden. Don’t let the heat and rain slow you down! Students will receive seeds as well as tips and tricks to grow delicious warm-season edibles!

Fee: $10


Floral Design 101: This hands-on class will provide the basics for designing a floral arrangement. Students will learn the elements that make up a flawless floral design. Your creativity will be sparked to make each arrangement your very own! We will provide all plant materials, however containers will not be provided; please bring your own.

Fee: $20


Build Your Own Terrarium or Miniature Garden: Terrariums and miniature gardens are a perfect way to display your creativity on a small scale! This hands-on class will teach you the basics of terrarium design. Containers, plants, and design materials will be provided for you to create one for your home.

Fee: $20

 4/12/2018 Succulents for Garden and Home: Plants have adapted to some of the most challenging environments on Earth. This class will explore the dazzling forms and survival strategies of succulents! Learn what species will succeed in rainy South Florida, what plants do well indoors, and how succulent gardening can be environmentally friendly. Get hands-on and pot a succulent to take home; tour the redesigned succulent gardens. Plant, pot, and correct potting mix provided.

Fee: $20


Please Note: Although not required, it’s highly recommended that students take all three courses.


Orchid Care and Fertilization: This class will teach you how to keep your orchid happy and thriving throughout the year. Learn specifics on when and how to fertilize your orchid as well as basic care instructions. We will look at various orchid genera to give you an all-encompassing guide to orchid care. Take an orchid home to apply what you learn!

Fee: $20


Orchid Mounting and Re-Potting: Orchids are fun; many are easy to grow. With more than one way to grow an orchid, our staff specialist will demonstrate how we keep them thriving. In this class, students will learn hands-on how to display living orchids. Class includes an orchid, mounting materials, and a quick, orchid-focused Garden walk.

Fee: $20

 7/12/2018 Orchid Disease and Pest Control: This hands-on workshop will teach the tips and tricks of managing orchid pests and diseases. Our staff specialist will help assess the health of your orchids. This is an important topic with some surprisingly simple methods for problem control.

Fee: $10

Conservation Workshops

 Pinecrest Gardens offers conservation workshops that focus on Florida Friendly topics in horticulture, design, and conservation issues. Class price includes workshop and entry to the Garden.  Conservation workshops take place in the Historic Entrance unless otherwise specified. Space is limited, reservation required. 

Time:         10:30 a.m.
Location:  Hibiscus Room (Unless Otherwise Specified)
Fee:           $10 per person

Limit 12 people per workshop so register & pay early by contacting 305.669.6990.



An Introduction to IPM (integrated pest management)
Join us as we learn about this environmentally friendly approach to pest management. IPM is a practice used by landscaping professionals that implements a safe and natural take on pests in the garden. In this beginner’s course, we will start to uncover how and why IPM is a conservation topic, and how to use it in your own garden.


Florida Friendly Bee Keeping for Beginners
In this beginner’s course to bee keeping, we will take a look at the challenges and benefits of keeping bees in FL. Attendees will leave with knowledge of what materials are necessary to get started, and an understanding to the adventure of backyard bee keeping in FL.


Florida Friendly Composting for beginners
Are you ready to start composting, but don’t fully know how? Join us in this introductory course, as we take a look at the process of compost from the ground up. There are a lot of interesting things that happen beneath the soil, many of which are beneficial to your personal well-being!

Do you have a horticulture topic in mind?  Send us an e-mail with your suggestions and we will add it to the workshop schedule when possible.