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As an important part of South Florida’s history, Pinecrest Gardens serves as a valuable living classroom. With natural geological land formations like the Cypress Slough and the Hardwood Hammock, our botanical gardens feature many learning opportunities for visiting classes.

The Pinecrest Gardens' Educational Initiatives are dedicated to fostering a bond between students and nature by enhancing students’ understanding of the environment. Our goal is to inspire field trip participants, be it students, parents or teachers, to take action preserving biodiversity and ecosystems.

“My students loved the adventure of using maps and integrating technology with nature.”
- Arthur and Polly Mays Teacher

“I loved taking the tour around the park. I enjoyed learning some of the names of the trees and plants as well as the history shared”
- Robert Morgan Educational Center Student

“My favorite part was venturing around in nature to hunt for the ecosystem items, photographing them and working together with my group members.”
- Arthur and Polly Mays Student

Field Trip Cost: $5 per person. Free entry for 1 teacher/chaperone for every 10 students. 
Guided tours based on class size and Tour Guide availability.
Self-Guided Tour Pamphlets are available for groups larger than 60.  

To join in on our fun and educational field trips, please choose one of our K-12 lesson plan summaries. Each lesson plan adheres to Florida Sunshine State Standards and includes an activity intended to encourage environmental awareness. Please contact Lacey Bray, Educational Program Coordinator, to schedule a visit or to customize an activity for your class.

Lesson Plans
Pre K
Garden Discovery

Grades K-5
Pinecrest Gardens Search & Find
Layers of the Pinecrest Gardens Rainforest

Grades 6-8
You're the Builder at Pinecrest Gardens
The Insect Detector at Pinecrest Gardens
Plant Form and function

Grades 9-12
Ecosystem Scavenger Hunt at Pinecrest Gardens
Sustainable Tourism Debate

Sensory Garden
Discounted rates available for Sensory Friendly organized Field Trips. Class Limit is 12.

Please note that visitors to Pinecrest Gardens may be photographed or video-taped during their visit. Their likeness may be used for marketing, advertising or public relations purposes without compensation.