Gardening and Horticulture

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While exotic plants grow so easily in South Florida, local gardening presents its own set of challenges.  At Pinecrest Gardens, we are dedicated to the preservation and conservation of native and exotic plant species in their natural environments.  We are also committed to providing support to the community with gardening tips from the experts as well as lectures and workshops on how to keep landscapes healthy and vibrant all year long.

Horticulture Workshops

All workshops are open to the public. The workshop series format: four basic topics, with 3 workshops devoted to the finer points of each topic. Each topic is season-specific, such that attendees can implement the skills immediately.

Time:          10:30 a.m.

Location:    Hibiscus Room (Unless Otherwise Specified) 

Fee:             $10 per person* (includes hands-on workshop, supplies and take home project.)
                    *price and class description may vary depending on specific workshop

Limit 12 people per workshop so register & pay early by contacting 305.669.6990.

Date Workshop
8/10/2016 Fertilization and Pest Control for Trees and Palms
9/14/2016 Basic Tree and Palm Trimming
10/12/2016 Tree and Palm Selection and Garden Tour
11/9/2016 Vegetable Gardening 101: Growing season is upon us! We can’t wait to get our veggiesplanted for the season. In this class we will walk through the preparation that you should be taking to get your beds ready for growing season. Learn how to plan your garden, seed starting basics, and take home your first edible plant of the season.
12/14/2016 Troubleshooting Edibles: The second class of this series will give insight to some of the pests and problems your vegetables might be facing. We will discuss disease resistant seeds, how we manage our pests, and much more!
1/11/2017 Keeping up with your Edibles: This class will focus on continuation of growing, how to keep your harvest bountiful and maximum yield for your space. Don’t let your vegetable beds become daunting. With efficient work, you will experience beautiful reward! We will share seeds as well as tips and tricks to keep your vegetables happy!
2/08/2017 Floral Design 101: This class will provide the basics for designing a floral arrangement just in time for the holidays. We willinform participants on the elements that make up a flawless floral design, and allowthem to foster your creativity to makeeach arrangement theirown! We will provide all plant materials, however containers will not be provided, please bring your own.
3/08/2017 Build your own Terrarium or Miniature Garden: Terrariums and miniature gardens are a perfect way to display your creativity on a small scale! This class will teach you the basics of terrarium design, and will provide materials for you to create one for your home. All plants, and design materials are provided. If you have your own container, feel free to bring it! If not, one will be provided for you. *additional $5.00 for terrarium glass materials. Class price total is $15.00
4/12/2017 Succulent garden design basics: This class will explore the exciting world of succulents! Join us as we learn the elements of succulent garden design and maintenance for both small and large scale operation. Take home a succulent from this class to get started on your design!
5/10/2017 Orchid Care and Fertilization: This class will teach you how to keep your orchid happy and thriving throughout the year. Learn specifics on when and how to fertilize your orchid as well as basic care instructions. We will look at a various different orchid genera to give you an all-encompassing guide to orchid care.
6/14/2017 Orchid Disease and Pest Control: This hands-on workshop will teach the tips and tricks of managing orchid pests and diseases. On staff specialists will you assess the health of your orchids. This is a highly diverse topic that has some surprisingly simple methods for problem control.
7/12/2017 Orchid Mounting and Re-Potting: There is more than one way to grow an orchid. In this class, we will show you samples of different ways to display and grow your orchids with a quick walk in the Garden. In their epiphytic nature, orchids are fun, and actually easy to grow. On staff specialist will teach andshow you how we keep our orchids thriving in many different situations.
8/9/2017 Basics of Bonsai: Join us atPinecrest Gardensfor this introduction to bonsais course. Taught by our very own bonsai specialist, you will learn the basics of this horticultural art. Young plants will be provided for all that participate. We recommend taking all 3 classes in this bonsai series to further your education on bonsai care!
9/13/2017 Bonsai Growth and Shaping: The second series of this class will give insight to the detail that makes a bonsai, a bonsai! We will provide hands on assistance to shaping your bonsai and provide tips and tricks to keeping your bonsai happy.
10/11/2017 Bonsai Trouble-shooting: In the third class of this series, we will uncover common diseases, pests and other nuisances that may be bothering your bonsai. Our very own bonsai specialist, Glenn Hilton will provide support, knowledge and his expertise on all things bonsai. You will leave feeling confident in your bonsai care after attending this session.

Conservation Workshops

Pinecrest Gardens is now offering Conservation Workshops that focus on Florida Friendly Horticulture, Design and Conservation. Class price includes workshop, materials and entry to Pinecrest Gardens.

Time:         10:30 a.m.
Location:  Hibiscus Room (Unless Otherwise Specified)
Fee:           $10 per person (includes hands-on workshop, supplies and take home project.) 

Limit 12 people per workshop so register & pay early by contacting 305.669.6990.



Natives for your Neighborhood: This introductory course will teach you about the incredible natives that are in your back yard. We will touch on everything from wildflowers to shade plants and all things in between. Join us to see just how easy and attractive natives can be for landscaping your yard.


Florida’s Native Edibles: Did you know that there are many native species to Florida that are a source of food for people? In this class we will uncover the mysteries of Florida Edibles. After a quick walk through the garden, we will return to the classroom to taste some of these wild treats. Prepare to be amazed!


Planting for wildlife: Are you thinking about starting a butterfly garden, or simply looking to attract more wildlife to your yard? Join us in this workshop session as we will explore the benefits of planting natives in your yard for you, and for our native critters. You will learn specific species that will work well for your area and will be sent home with a pollinator-attracting plant.

Do you have a horticulture topic in mind?  Send us an e-mail with your suggestions and we will add it to the workshop schedule when possible.